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Project Unity USA

Project Unity USA is a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting unity in the community by bringing together the Community, Law Enforcement, Local businesses, Churches, and the Media.

The vision is to sweep through high crime communities, teaching and encouraging these 5 groups to work together and reducing crime; helping to make communities a safer place to live, work, and play.

about the project


Initially wanting a website audit to optimize the website both visually and structurally, the client moved forward with wanting a website redesign.


Looking for a refresh of his website that reflects new changes and programs offered to the community, the focus was mainly on redesigning the website to brand as professional and informative; keeping the information clear and concise.


Working with a color scheme from the logo, changes in font were made to add differentiation (including a sans serif and serif font pairing), in addition to linking social media and adding social sharing. 


As found in the website audit, reworking the site map to streamline tabs was also implemented. 

With these changes, website traffic has increased with 58% more Page Views since website completion.

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