After starting her own business as a social media manager, Krissy wanted to teach others how to turn their side hustle into a thriving business just as she did. With her course Learn to Earn, students are able to get first-hand strategy, insider info, result-focused tactics to running a Social Media Management business.


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From extra cash to the potential of making 6 figures, if you dream of a side hustle or full-time job that gives you the ability to work from home, offers financial freedoms, has no set schedule, and other plentiful benefits, then Krissy's course helps you get closer to that dream! 

With the goal to sell the course, the focus on the website was making sure the copy stood out while keeping things visually appealing. 

Working with the previous colors of Rose Pink and Middle Blue Green, White and shades of Rose Pink and Middle Blue Green were added to the palette. 

For typography, a sans serif font (Brandon Grotesque) was added to balance out the two serif fonts and script font.

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