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Jasmin Allison's Portfolio is a portfolio showcasing the work of Jasmin Allison, a business administration graduate student. From the art of digital storytelling, the complexity of public relations, to the beauty of music - this portfolio entails a blend of video, audio, images, and text to convey stories, information, and ideas. It will not only illustrate digital fluency and literacy, but it will also show effective strategic communication skills that build mutually beneficial relationships. 

about the project


Apart from being an aspiring music artist, Jasmin also has a passion for business, sales, and all things marketing.


Having both the skill set and professional background necessary to dive deep into the world of marketing, advertising, communications, PR, business, and music, Jasmin wanted a portfolio that reflected her professional background. 


Working with the previous color scheme, the focus was mainly on redesigning the website to brand as clean and sophisticated plus optimizing social links to promote her work.


A favicon was added to complete the look in addition to pairing a sans serif and serif font for typography to complete the business casual element of the site. 

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